.Creativity has a lonely childhood.

In an attempt to get from point A to point B as creatively as possible, I’ve been reading a lot more than usual lately. I’ve been so desperate for some sort of an inspiration, the kind that will not only brighten my mind but also encourage me to become better than I was yesterday.

This guy I know in Chicago, he’s a musician, although I would rather call him an artist. He wrote a note today about how he recently went through all his work dated back to 1995. He’s made over 3,000 songs and has yet to send a tape to a record company. He said he went back and looked through them as if they were photographs of memories he has of people that have came and went in his life. But most of all, what he saw was himself.

The biggest challenge, I feel, when it comes to a great creative idea is that the only way you can come up with it is if you are completely free from what other people will think of it. Your idea is yours, it’s your own experience, that’s not a challenge. The challenge lies in the test of whether or not you can somehow then connect this idea to the rest of the world; if you can make people move with one single concept.

Now, here’s a guy who did it all for himself, he manages to make people move with music that doesn’t even need lyrics to feel, not only that, he actually has the passion and stamina to keep at it for 14 years. Yet, he oozes with loneliness.

At the end of the note, he said that he always ask people that if they could listen to one artist for the rest of their lives, who would they pick. (Although, I was the first person who asked him this a few years back) My answer back then was Godspeed you black emperor, today, I think it would be his music. Why? Simple. It reminds me of what I admire and aspire to be in a creative person. The bravery to solely listen to your own instinct and still manages to come out with something that connect with people and above all, the stamina to keep it going and going.

Thank you for the inspiration. Good night.

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